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Virtual wedding guests – delivery service

You can now toast with remote friends attending virtually by Zoom! We make it easy for you to include hundreds of guests who you couldn't otherwise include in your plans.

Pared-back weddings? Virtual guests attending by Zoom? Bring your remote friends and family to your event with a virtual toast experience. Let Parcel.Love send champagne, cake and other treats to create a unique special moments around the country.


Celebrate in style with friends

– in person, or remotely

As Parcel.Love is the e-commerce service of one of London's most prestigious event caterers Al Fresco Feasts, we can provide you with either full traditional wedding catering anywhere in the South East; remote-only packages; or a blend of the two!

Whereas our parcels contain our in-house cakes, treats and a great range of drinks, our in-person catering provides everything from canapés to buffets, grazing tables and a full dining experience.

A great unboxing experience with your card


Our in-house printing team will personalise your box to give a great unboxing experience. We can also include any programmes or favours you'd like us to send your guests. 

What's more, we've made sustainability key to our values. We've eliminated all single-use plastic in our packaging, with all treats sent hamper-style in bio-degradable wood wool, compostable wrapping and recyclable boxes with paper packing tape. 


We make it easy for you

Dispatching to hundreds of people is what we do – and we make it as easy as possible for you. Just tell us what you want to send, and give us the address list, and we'll do all the hard work to make your remote event feel very special.

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Let us make your special day even more special

Call us today on 020 7820 7456 or email

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