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A curated wine and cheese experience with tasty artisan accompaniments to indulge friends, yourself or together

Let us take your palate on our unique Cheese & Wine journey of culinary delight, personally chosen by our resident food entrepreneur Sarah Barr. Comes complete with a Cheese & Wine Guide written to guide you through your Cheese Plate, and a greetings card/message (including the option to upload a photo greetings card) 


This parcel comes with Free Delivery to mainland UK destinations

Share the experience with friends remotely: send a friend one, and get a parcel sent to yourself for an additional £38. (Make sure the delivery address is set to your friend, and the billing address to you.)


Our pairings will change monthly (n.b. product photos will show different soft cheese). For February:

1. The Cheeses

Lancashire Bomb

A half-pound Lancashire Bomb, from master cheesemaker Andy Shorrocks. Encased in black wax, this robust but creamy cheese is matured for 24 months, and provides a spectacular talking (and tasting!) point.


Camembert le Rustique (250g) Its creamy texture and rich, almost oniony, taste is a treat for all lovers of strong-flavoured cheese, and more assertive than Brie. Jean Verrier has been making Camemberts for over 40 years in Pacé, Normandy, using milk from small family-owned farms. An excellent pairing with a robust wine.


2. The wines (2 x 375ml half-bottles)

Rjoca, Denominaciòn de Origen Calificada, Cosecha, 2017 vintage

Bagordi's fermentation techniques and the use of Sauvignon Blanc have given this wine a lovely, clean, fresh character with ripe citrus notes with floral accents: clean, crisp and refreshing with good length.


Claret, Bordeaux, Appelation Bordeaux Controlée. Tanners have made a superb claret by blending Cabernet Sauvignon with extra old-vine Merlot to give it more of the succulence and juiciness for which it is renowned, while still retaining its classic balance and style. 


3. The fruity bit. Choose either:

Dam Sloe Chutney, by Fruits of the Forage (210g)

Quintessential British hedgerow fruits: tart damsons and sloes in traditional pickling spices. This is a rich and tangy chutney, but lighter than tomato-based chutneys – the perfect match for strong cheeses. Fruits of the Forage use heritage fruits from abandoned orchards & native wild plants to capture a unique taste of the British landscape.


Fig Ball (Baked Dottato Fig Balls 200g, by Artibel, imported from Calabro, Italy)

For the more adventurous, a unique treat... slow baked Calabrian figs wrapped in fig leaves! Sweet, succulent and delicious with cheese. This ancient and delicious recipe is made with sweet juicy Dottato figs from Cosenza in Southern Italy. The figs are sun dried and then slowly caramelised in their own juices for over 18 hours, before being slow baked in fig leaves, leaving deep caramel and fruity flavours with a hint of liquorice. 


4. The savouries:

Sourdough Crispbreads, 100g

Swedish knäckebröd made in the traditional sourdough fashion, as reintroduced by artisan Swedish baker Peter Ljungquist, who went on to co-found Peter's Yard, and now made with Shipton Mill flour. Provides the perfect crunch complement to the cheeses' creaminess and fruity accompaniment.


Aromatic Nuts

Our own recipe, inspired by Ottolenghi, and made up of contrasting nuts oozing with a piquant drizzle.


All sent with a beautiful photo gift card, and handwritten message of your choice.

(If you don't have a photo, we'll send a standard greetings card.)


Special day celebrations?: We can print Happy Birthday/Anniversary/Thank you etc. on the front of photo greetings cards.


Upgrades available

• Why not send one to friends and one to yourself, to enjoy the treat together remotely? £10 discount for the 2nd parcel.

Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience

  • Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are not 100% delighted with our parcel of love, please contact us straightaway so we can rectify or refund!

Top-tip: all product options must be added or set to "none" before you can buy! If you get stuck, message us below or call on 020 7820 7456 for help!

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