A curated wine and cheese experience with tasty artisan accompaniments to indulge friends, yourself or together

Let us take your palate on our unique Cheese & Wine journey of culinary delight, personally chosen by our resident food entrepreneur Sarah Barr. Comes complete with a Cheese & Wine Guide written to guide you through your Cheese Plate, and a greetings card/message (including the option to upload a photo greetings card) 


This parcel comes with Free Delivery to mainland UK destinations

Share the experience with friends remotely: send a friend one, and get a parcel sent to yourself for an additional £38. (Make sure the delivery address is set to your friend, and the billing address to you.)


Our pairings will change monthly (n.b. product photos will show different soft cheese). For February:

1. The Cheeses

Lancashire Bomb

A half-pound Lancashire Bomb, from master cheesemaker Andy Shorrocks. Encased in black wax, this robust but creamy cheese is matured for 24 months, and provides a spectacular talking (and tasting!) point.