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How To Make Virtual Wedding Guests Feel Involved

Creating your big day with remote guests can be daunting, but we're here with top tips to help.

Almost seven in 10 weddings were postponed or cancelled in 2020 due to Covid according to research by Bridebook, the top Wedding planning app. For most couples who faced uncertainty over their plans for the big day, the natural way forward was to take it all online; ceremony, guests, speeches, cake – the lot! And thus, the Virtual Wedding was born.

The 2021 roadmap out of lockdown sees ceremonies permitted to take place again and wedding guest numbers rise. From May 17 couples can expand their guest lists to 30 people at their wedding reception and unlimited guest lists are expected to be permitted from June 12.

However, it looks like it will still be some time before large scale weddings can take place again with hundreds of friends and family members on the dance floor. Having virtual guests also allows couples to invite friends and family who wouldn’t be able to travel there, or couldn’t be accommodated on size or cost grounds.

So how does the virtual wedding fit into 2021…and what can we expect?

What is a virtual wedding?

A virtual wedding takes place in a chosen place of worship, registry office or venue with a limited number of guests, plus the happy couple. Outside of this, many more guests gather online to watch a live stream video of the service and celebrate remotely instead.

How do we include virtual guests in the celebration?

This has been a topic of much discussion. Guests can be sent a Virtual Wedding Package, complete with champagne, cakes, confetti and an order of service. Take a look at our Virtual Wedding page for ideas. Our sister company Al Fresco Feasts also provides event catering services in London and the South East, so we can combine both in-person and remote catering to make it even easier for you.

Dressing up is always encouraged and there’s even the option to give a speech – just make sure you’re not on mute!

Can I see examples?

Oh yes! The internet certainly delivers on this front. A search for #virtualwedding on Instagram gets you 30,000 posts for inspiration and you can explore lots of fun ideas on Pinterest: from online guestbooks, virtual seating plans and raising a virtual toast to the newlyweds.

What does the future look like?

The full virtual wedding experience is probably a short term format for now, but it has definitely given people a new way to accommodate family and friends who live abroad or plan a more intimate ceremony. So no matter where your guests are – they’ll still be there to create memories and be a huge part of your special day.

It looks like weddings celebrations are definitely back on the horizon and bouquets will be thrown this year. But for those loved ones who can’t travel or if you’re planning a cosy elopement ceremony, digital weddings add-ons are here to stay. After the year of changed plans that was 2020, it’s time for couples to embrace this new wedding flavour and celebrate in style virtually and in-person!

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