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How To Host A Virtual Event

Making virtual events go with a swing is a combination of good planning, forethought and providing your attendees with great content and treats.

Awards ceremonies. Product launches. Staff meetings. Live stream trade shows. It’s fair to say that virtual events are here to stay. With so many of us working from home, taking digital conferences and zoom meetings over the last year, the way we work has shifted into a more digital/ live hybrid experience. A return to the office could look very different this side of lockdown and we expect to see a new blended work model, including the rise of the virtual event.

So how can we make virtual clients and colleagues feel included in the action?


If you’re in a brainstorming breakfast meeting, the day could start with some simple icebreakers to help everyone relax. Popular icebreakers such as taking a photo of your shoes and posting in the chat or telling the group two lies and a truth and asking them to guess which statement is true can both be great ways to ease up tension and get everyone focussed on the task in hand.


Who doesn’t love a deliciously catered event? Make your team feel included by sending them a lunch parcel to enjoy in your team meeting. Or treat clients to a fully catered three course meal to enjoy during a product launch. Keep everything on-brand by printing company logos and colours across packages and you could even theme your culinary treats to your meeting; KPI’s and cream cake anyone? Take a look at the Parcel.Love business and group events page for how to send delicious treats to your remote team.

Say Thank You

Saying well done to your team for gaining a new client? Welcome a new team member in your first full month of work. Whatever you’re celebrating, a little treat goes a long way; from cocktails to gift vouchers, your team will always be happy to be thought of.

Get Playful

It’s not all about work when it comes to online events. And there’s more to Zoom than an online quiz. Hosting a playful bake along, whisky tasting, WFH HIIT classes are all part of the online experience too. Help your team associate virtual life with fun activities as well as work productivity.

Got an idea? Get started. Host that virtual event by picking your favourite platform, set an agenda, test drive your tech, get e-invites sent out and get creative with your colleagues.

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